Consolidated Container Company

Catch the newest wave.

Consumer beverage preferences change monthly, even daily. Manufacturers have to keep up, and stand out, with new flavors, new blends, as well as new bottle formats and sizes. And CCC is up to the challenge.

We know how to balance convenience, handling, durability, and resin weight. By leveraging our rich history in Dairy and Water bottle products, we've developed a unique family of bottles perfect for other beverage applications. We stay ahead of the curve, and we're continually designing, developing and producing bottles that lead the industry in shelf presence and consumer appeal.
But beauty is more than skin deep, even in this fickle market. We constantly look for ways to expand our value offerings, such as with CCC's "break resistant packaging." From 5.5 ounces to a gallon, from custom in-house design to stock bottles, CCC can keep you hip, cool, and happening, today AND tomorrow.
Examples of our Custom or Branded Designs

Tradewinds Tea 1 Gal. PP

SunnyD 1 Gal. HDPE

Whole Foods Orange Juice 96 oz. HDPE

SunnyD 64 oz. HDPE

Martinelli's Apple Cider 64 oz. PP

SunnyD 11.3 oz. HDPE

Odwalla Orange Juice 64 oz. HDPE

Stock Examples

89 oz. Juice HDPE

1 Gal. Hot Fill Juice PP-HDPE

59 oz. Square PET

64 oz. Juice PP

8 oz. Bullet Round HDPE

1 Gal. Juice F Style