Consolidated Container Company

Enhance your packaging menu.

You want your food to look good - and the container it comes in had better be appetizing as well. At CCC, we bring to the table aesthetically appealing designs and eye-catching shelf presence in our food packaging containers, all manufactured in our food-grade, FDA-compliant facilities.

CCC heats up our value a few degrees more with microwave durability, hot-fill and retort safety - through multi-layer barrier technology in blow-molding. CCC's Lamicon® technology provides an EVOH oxygen barrier to preserve food flavor and aroma.

As with our other products, our food containers offer several decorating options, including in-mold, heat-transfer and pressure sensitive labels, as well as heat shrink graphic compatibility.
We provide a variety of neck finishes, allowing for a diverse range of dispensing mechanisms. So whether you prefer to squeeze, pump or pour your product from the bottle, we've got you covered. Mix it all together, and you get the sweet smell of success.
Examples of our Custom or Branded Designs

Sweet Baby Ray's
BBQ Sauce 1 Gal. PP

Nestle Coffee-mate
22 oz. HDPE

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ
Sauce 1 Gal. HDPE

French's Mustard
1 Gal. HDPE

Ken's Salad
Dressing 1 Gal. HDPE

La Spagnola
Peanut Oil 1 Gal. HDPE

Nestle Coffee-mate
50 oz. HDPE

Whirl Vegetable
Oil 1 Gal. HDPE

Stock Examples

1 Gal. Hot
Fill PP

1 Gal. Wide
Mouth Round HDPE

#10 Club Pack PP

32 oz. Round PET

1 Gal. Wide
Mouth Round HDPE

1 Gal. Pitcher HDPE

35# Edible Oil HDPE

5 Qt. Edible Oil HDPE