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It would stand to reason that the maker of the first USDA Certified Organic household cleaning products would champion for “green” containers in which to package them for consumers.

In many regional and national retailer aisles, you will find Greenology’s exclusive brand greenshield organic in rigid plastic containers made from polyethylene resin - both colored green and sustainably green and 100% recyclable. What makes this green resin even more special, is that it’s derived from sugar cane.

CCC’s Berwick Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities make ‘green’ containers for Greenology. These are made from 50% post-consumer resin and 50% sugarcane ethanol supplied by Braskem. This green polyethylene is not only made from renewable materials, but also offers the same functionality as conventional HDPE.

And where petroleum-based resin emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, sugarcane produced resin actually captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Thus, it is a carbon negative source material.

Over 1,000,000 rigid plastic detergent bottles later (and counting) - CCC continues to make these green containers for Greenology, supporting their sustainability initiatives - as well as our own!

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DSC 2661 - The Dura-Lite™ Bottle

The Dura-Lite™ Bottle

CCC is proud to introduce the Dura-Lite™ bottle, our latest innovation in light-weighting that pairs exclusive design with fill line/supply chain compatibility. The Dura-Lite™ bottle features a lower resin weight while also maintaining the necessary strength that makes it highly compatible with existing dairy/water fill lines.

When compared to other lightweight dairy designs, the Dura-Lite™ bottle best meets the physical demands of fill line operations and aesthetic expectations of consumers. Measuring the same height and base footprint as standard dairy gallon designs, the Dura-Lite™ bottle can run well on standard dairy/water fill line equipment with minimal modifications.

The Dura-Lite™ design has already passed rigorous fill line and in-home testing—and molds are already being installed. Our readiness means you will begin to realize savings faster. To learn how CCC’s exclusive Dura-Lite™ design can work for your product's packaging, we invite you to contact our sales team by clicking the link below.

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