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Customer Engagement

Everything we do is based on our three-point commitment to always make it right.

We strive to be your preferred supply chain partner.

  • Our new guiding principles have recalibrated our focus on the customer and we constantly strive to ensure a flawless customer experience.
  • All manufacturing companies know that unforeseen issues arise, but we proactively seek to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • We aim for continuous improvement through our Voice of the Customer survey and Customer Scorecard metrics.
  • Each CCC plant has a dedicated Customer Service Representative, reporting to a Regional Customer Manager (RCM). Each RCM has a direct hotline to their respective Business Unit General Manager to quickly escalate any customer issues unresolved at the local plant level.
  • We are heavily investing in these areas and strive to be your number one preferred partner.

We ask for and encourage honest feedback.
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For any of you who’ve tasted Talenti Gelato, our guess is that you’ll agree with their slogan, “Better ingredients make happy spoons.” CCC helps make spoons happy, by making the plastic packaging that contains Talenti’s delicious product. Recently, Talenti saw the need to expand their original Texas-based operation. After their search for co-packers who could meet their standards turned out fruitless, the company decided to take a different approach. Their focus shifted to Atlanta, GA, where they acquired a former ice cream plant and transformed it into another gelato production site. With a new site in place, Talenti found another need for a plastic container supplier that both was compliant to their stringent quality specifications and offered a great value. That’s where CCC stepped in. We met the gelato maker’s needs by spending several million dollars on new special PET package-production equipment. We installed them in one of our three CCC facilities in the Atlanta area, our Fulton plant -- only 20 miles from our customer’s new production site. Our supply chain solution provides millions and millions of high-quality, CCC manufactured plastic containers to Talenti each year. Through this continuity of supply, we are able to enable Talenti’s quickest possible time to market so they can continue guaranteeing happy spoons to their loyal customers. Contact CCC Read More