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We strive to deliver innovative, customer-driven solutions by pushing the boundaries in recycled post-consumer resin, lightweight packaging design, and leading-edge manufacturing technology.

Before a customer even experiences your product, they’re making a lot of critical judgments based on packaging alone.

In the world of rigid plastic containers, the really innovative and experienced consumer-focused design firms know the fine balance required between the complexities of container engineering and manufacturability.

To drive real innovation, it takes a partner who can rapidly bring creative new package concepts to market – and make sure those ideas actually work. That’s where our award-winning Engineering and Development Center makes such a big difference. We handle the entire process – from consumer research all the way through to rapid prototyping and product launch. Our acclaimed Studio PKG knows how to make packages stand out on the shelf. But we also know how to make them production-ready. Whether the new idea comes from a customer request or from our own R&D efforts, we make sure it’s always made right®.

DaveH - Innovation

Customer-driven innovation

  • 150+ design and utility patents
  • Designed a complete family of designs for Seventh Generation, the leading  producer and distributor of environmentally-safe household products
    • Over 11 designs
    • Adopted a leaf theme that incorporates their label design
    • Winner of 2013 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA Magazine.
  • Create 3D printed models of bottle designs
  • Concept-to-Shelf Process
  • “Breakthrough Innovation” Process
  • State of the Art design and engineering center
  • Consumer Insight room
  • Point of Purchase retail store mock-up / ambient temp products and refrigerated
  • Pilot plant production that mimic commercial scale configurations to provide processes and product requirements
  • Exclusive Dura-Lite™ light-weighted bottle features proven design that reduces resin weight while maintaining necessary strength for hassle-free operations

High Pressure Pasteurization

Innovative food and beverage processing techniques call for innovative plastic packaging. Such is the case here. CCC detected a growing market demand for High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) - where food or beverage is subjected to extremely high pressures to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. In response to this emerging market, we proactively researched HPP technology and related packaging requirements, and developed relationships with HPP processing equipment manufacturers. We continued our research into closure systems and began to build relationships with those suppliers as well. Progress continued as CCC created state-of-the-art design features for our HPP packages that would stand up to the rigors of HPP processing while also meeting the brand and commercial needs of our customers. We then worked with our PET preform suppliers and engineering team to determine the best combination of closures, raw materials, and molding processes – specifically to support HPP processing. From all of this innovative work, we created various HPP plastic bottle designs that met the size, shape, and branding requirements emerging product companies are looking for. Today, we are proud to say that CCC has rigid packaging solutions for the HPP marketplace that are currently being introduced to new and current customers. Our Engineering Development Center, in partnership with our design entity, Studio PKG, is continually developing and testing exciting new innovative materials, designs, and technologies that will support our customer’s needs, including supply chain optimization and regulatory compliance. Through these efforts, we seek to continually improve - and advance our innovations - to ensure our packaging solutions are ‘Always Made Right.’ Contact CCC Read More