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Manufacturing Excellence

To ensure higher levels of operational excellence across all of our facilities, we’re implementing best practices in manufacturing processes as a part of our Always Made Right® commitment.

Manufacturing Made Right

To ensure higher levels of operational excellence across all our facilities, we’ve launched our CPS (Consolidated Production System) initiative. The CPS improvement methodology drives the following results:

  1. Fosters best practices across all of our facilities to minimize safety related incidents
  2. Promotes higher product quality through more reliable equipment and improved operator process ownership
  3. Drives out non-value added time and waste through total productive maintenance (TPM)
  4. Creates more reliable service levels and achieves higher production standards by driving out variation in process
  5. Continually improves defect root-cause analysis for more efficient corrective action
  6. Match best supply chain solutions for customers

Sunny Delight

Intellectualizing that nearly 60 different manufacturing facilities all across the US should each function as efficiently and effectively as the other is one thing, but having them all function that way - in day to day practical application, is quite another. That is, until CCC implemented our Consolidated Production System (CPS) to drive and manage consistent manufacturing practices. One such example of how CPS proved its worth is at our Fulton plant – one of three local Atlanta area manufacturing facilities. CCC Fulton makes plastic bottles for the Sunny Delight Beverage Company. CCC’s Consolidated Production System is designed to drive out waste, improve quality and reliability, and create more value for the company and its customers. Our dedicated operators and technicians have committed to driving these results through extra metrics charting, progress tracking and overall analysis. In addition to the procedural changes, CPS encourages machine upgrades, equipment changes and more extensive preventive maintenance. Better maintenance means less time in contact with the machines, which saves time and improves operator and maintenance safety. Dramatic improvements are being seen in first pass yield, speed loss, uptime loss, and overall equipment effectiveness. With the new CPS processes, bottle losses are corrected as they occur in order to avoid larger losses caused by delays. As a result, our facilities are eliminating losses throughout the entire facility—not just in downtime or bottle loss. Customer satisfaction is another outcome of CPS; CCC won a multi-year contract with Sunny Delight, because we became a much better supplier for them - through our CPS program! Contact CCC Read More