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We're investing heavily in sustainability - closing the loop from plastic products to resins to products again

How serious are we about sustainability?

To do sustainability right, we’re at the forefront of our industry in setting new standards for environmentally responsible packaging. This applies to everything from the containers we make to the impact of our handling and logistics.

  • We’ve recently acquired two leaders in plastics recycling:
    California’s oldest thermoplastics recycler and custom compounder, plus one of the nation’s top 15 largest plastics recyclers. This gives us the ability to close the loop from product resins to product again.
  • We were one of the first manufacturers in the world to provide 100% recycled plastic bottles (excluding colorant), and we’re continuing to push the boundaries in PCR usage and lightweight packaging.
  • This is only the beginning. We’re expanding our sustainability initiatives across the board. You can expect to hear more from CCC as we continue to make major innovations and investments like these.

Seventh Generation

When household product company “Seventh Generation” named their brand, they made a promise to consider the effects their present actions would have on the well-being of the next seven generations—roughly 140 years into the future. This ecological concept, based upon Native American beliefs, drives the company to continually promote sustainable lifestyles and always work in a way that will benefit future generations. As one of Seventh Generation’s key plastic bottle manufacturers, we at Consolidated Container Company wholeheartedly agree with this notion. In fact, we’ve designed nearly a dozen of their product packages to date—producing over 23,000,000 bottles for them in 2014 alone. These aren’t just any plastic bottles. Most of the plastic packaging we blow mold for Seventh Generation contain 100% PCR (post-consumer regrind) content, not including colorant. Not only are these packaging solutions environmentally friendly, but also chlorine-free and phosphate-free. CCC’s practice of using recycled plastic to make new bottles reduces our carbon footprint, and drives best practices in PCR use for sustainability. We are proud to partner with Seventh Generation as they continue to produce responsible cleaning and personal care products for today’s consumers that will support many generations to come. Contact CCC Read More