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Markets We Serve

With over 500 stock molds, we can provide packaging solutions from 1 ounce to 5 gallons in size, serving a wide variety of market segments.

CCC is a leader in producing lightweight rigid plastic dairy bottles for milk, yogurt, smoothie drinks and other dairy packages.
It's clear to see - durable containers are essential for the efficient transport of drinking water.
Consumer beverage preferences change monthly, even daily.
Containers to make your food look as appetizing as it tastes.
Household Chemical
Plastic containers made from green/recycled materials to help your household shine.
Specialty Chemical
Strong solutions for greener grass and cleaner surfaces require robust packaging.
If it helps your car go, turn or stop, chances are we make a container for it.
From single-serve to bulk sizes, CCC has the packaging to meet this growing market’s needs.