On site. Made right.

CCC is a leader in producing lightweight rigid plastic dairy bottles for milk, yogurt, smoothie drinks and other dairy packages.

We understand the dairy market and what consumers are looking for. That’s why both large dairy corporations as well as smaller regional and family dairies across the U.S. rely on CCC’s products.

Almost half of our nearly 60 facilities make high-quality plastic bottles for America’s dairy processors and their dairy farmers. Every day across nearly 300 locations, CCC bottles in sizes from six ounces to the universal gallon are filled and transported to retailers and wholesalers that support a wide variety of dairy products—as well as dairy alternatives.

Our manufacturing processes are consistent and reliable. Customers can rest easy knowing that we meet or exceed associated FDA requirements. Dairies can take full advantage of our diverse bottle sizes and shapes, including:

  • Opaque or clear tint
  • Heat shrink graphic compatibility
  • Standard case packouts or caseless designs
  • Various neck finishes
  • Customized caps

Go with the cream of the crop – go with CCC.