Culture & Guiding Principles

Our vision is to create value for our customers and help them grow their businesses by designing, developing, and producing
packaging solutions - all delivered through a flawless customer experience.

Guiding Principles

What’s behind our “Always Made Right®” culture?

The principles that define our culture.

These are qualities that define the values-driven culture of CCC. They impact everything from our strategic decision-making to how we answer the phone or ship our products.

  1. Act with Integrity and in Compliance
  2. Drive Value Creation
  3. Be Disciplined Entrepreneurs
  4. Focus on the Customer
  5. Act with Humility
  6. Treat others with Dignity & Respect

The commitment that drives it.

We back our words with actions. And we back our values with a three-point commitment to our customers and stakeholders that we will:

Make things right the first time – but if something goes wrong, do what it takes to make that right as well
Empower every employee – to speak up and take immediate action if something isn’t right
Build the necessary capabilities – in people, facilities, and technologies to ensure everything is always made right

These values are the reason we go out of our way to make things right for every customer. So, no matter what the standards may be in our industry, these are our standards. And they’re non-negotiable. We seek to stand by them in everything we say and do.